Why Do So Many Mums Stop Breastfeeding – What Are The Reasons Behind This?

Breastfeeding is a very rewarding thing for all mothers. However, if a mother isn’t able to breastfeed for whatever reason, there are awesome bottles and the best bottle sterilizer to feed baby if necessary. Because the truth is, not all mothers can feed their babies through breastfeeding, which is the most natural and nurturing of all ways to feed little ones. Why do so many mums stop breastfeeding? What are the reasons behind it? Read on to learn more about some of the things, which can stop, in addition to prevent a mother from breastfeeding her baby from the day it is born. Some mothers want to breastfeed. Yet they can be prevented from doing so, because of health problems, or other existing problems that can take on many forms. This article will endeavor to explore why so many mums stop breastfeeding. It is subject that many women should know about. This is especially true, if they are pregnant, and are about to become new mothers soon. It is good to have, as much information as possible about breastfeeding, this way a mother to be can make the best decision possible for herself and her baby.

A study with some very shocking truths

There was a study published in the journal Pediatrics back in 2012 on the subject of breastfeeding. This study indicated why only one third of mothers who plan on breastfeeding their babies for three months or more actually follow through with it. What this study was specifically looking to do was this. It was to take a specific look at just how birthing hospitals do or do not support breastfeeding for mothers. What they did find out through this study is the following. If hospitals didn’t give the babies formula, mothers were more than likely to continue doing breastfeeding, and this is a bit of a shocker. Because you would more than likely think it is a no-brainer for hospitals to be doing this. However, the truth be known, and that truth is very astounding in delivery. As it turns out, and this is the gospel truth, about 78% of all US hospitals do give formula routinely to infants that are born within their walls. This percentage also includes, those healthy babies who are breastfeeding off of their mothers, as well. You would think hospitals wouldn’t do this, but they do, and this is where the problem does become an issue for breastfeeding moms.

However, on the flipside of this, even when the hospitals have done everything right to the letter. There are less than half of mothers who do reach the potential goals with breastfeeding that they have laid out for themselves. There are a lot of pediatricians out there that do support breastfeeding for all mothers. Nevertheless, various mothers do go in with the intent of doing breastfeeding, but for some reason. They eventually decide that it isn’t for them. There are lots of varying reasons why women quit breastfeeding after so long or don’t even do it. Each situation is unique. Therefore, each reason will be different, and is dependent on the mother specifically. With this all said, there are solutions to these problems, which pediatricians and other medical professionals can offer to mothers. Nonetheless, some mothers still decide not to breastfeed, and this is despite the solutions to many common breastfeeding issues.

What are four of the top breastfeeding problems that mothers do face?

1. Getting a rough start at it – Breastfeeding may seem like an easy thing to do. However, in actuality, it is not. It can be one of the most difficult of things to start doing. This is especially true in the very beginning. Because it is a task that will take both mother and baby time to get used to, and get the hang of, to be honest. The exhaustion of just having given birth, coupled along with throwing in their achy nipples for baby to feed on, are two reasons overall why some mothers just decide to reach for the bottle of baby formula instead. Childbirth is not an easy process, and neither is, being a new mother. It can be a very tiring, stressful, and emotionally grueling time of a woman’s life. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her baby. She wants to care for it. It’s just that she gets tired and drained. The solution for this problem is very obvious. The mother needs lactation support. A lactation consultant who is certified is the answer. The other answer is a supportive family member or friend who has done successful breastfeeding with her own baby or babies. Breastfeeding is meant to be a happy experience and needs to be given more support for mothers.

2. Mothers tend to worry that baby isn’t getting enough to eat – This is another classic reason why mothers do give up on breastfeeding sometimes. The truth is this, our culture is all about bottles, and when we cannot see what a baby does drink in essence. We start getting anxious and think they aren’t being fed enough. You can add this fact to the reality that breast-fed babies do eat a lot more than bottle-fed ones do. The reason being that breast-fed babies can digest their milk a lot faster, as it does, pass through their little systems a whole lot faster. Babies also like to stay at their mum’s breast as well. Because it is the happiest place for them to be too. When mothers notice this, right away, they start thinking that their baby isn’t getting enough to eat, and that the baby can get more nutrition by supplementing baby formula. This mother also needs education and support. Mothers just need to gain confidence and experience. A doctor, nurse, lactation consultant, and other family members and friends can help with this. Mothers can bring the baby to the doctor for a checkup, if she has any concerns about her baby not getting enough to eat, because the truth will be in the baby’s weight. It is also in other things. A mother can know her baby is getting enough breast milk, if her breasts feel full, baby is eating every three or so hours, is wetting 6 diapers in a 24-hour period, is pooping okay, and if baby is latching on to mother’s breast every time and mom can see or hear the baby swallowing.

3. The discomfort of nursing out in public – It is very true, that we are a bottle culture, but we also do sexualize breasts. This is something that can make mothers cringe in fear and embarrassment sometimes. Some women can feel unwelcome, as well as, extremely uncomfortable when it comes to feeding their baby in public this way. The best solution to deal with this is very clear. You have to get over these feelings. Feeding your baby is perfectly normal. It would be the same almost, if you were using baby bottles and a best bottle sterilizer, except you would be feeding the baby a bottle in public places. Breast-feeding rates do need to be raised up, and the best way to do this, is to do it in a positive manner. There is nothing dirty or sexual about breastfeeding. It is a normal feeding for baby. Think of it this way and just do it. You will eventually get over your fears and or embarrassment fast enough.

4. Moms need to get in the swing of things and get back to work – Mothers think that, just because they have to eventually return to their job, and the working world that they cannot breastfeed. This is so very untrue. A mother still can be a mother and breastfeed her baby at any time. The only thing she needs to do is to get a good working breast pump and pump her breast milk out. It can be stored for feeding the baby while she is away from home and is at work. Some workplaces aren’t supportive of mothers leaving work to go home and feed their babies. Nonetheless, there are solutions to every problem, and they can be arrived at in a good way. A mother doesn’t have to stop breastfeeding just because she’s back on the job.
The solution to this situation is obvious. More employers should offer their mother employees more flexible schedules and permit them time to do breast pumping. A mother can also have breast milk prepared for baby in bottles, if she does have to be away from home for her job, and this can be done by pumping breast milk the day before and keeping it on refrigeration regularly.

Why so many mums stop breastfeeding is all about the reality of breastfeeding in essence. This reality is that sometimes, it just isn’t easy, or it can be due to health reasons. Some women don’t breastfeed because they are ill with medical problems. Some don’t have good breast milk. There are lots of real and valid reasons why women don’t or cannot breastfeed. However, for the reasons, which can be corrected with a good working solution. Some mothers should consider applying these solutions instead of just giving up on the idea of breastfeeding all together. Because breastfeeding is normal and healthy for babies. It is also one of the most nutritional, as well as, bonding and loving of all ways to feed and get close to your baby boy or girl overall.